Building a personal robot

The steps of the design and manufacturing of a open source humanoid robot.

The project of making a personal robot may seem ambitious, but seeing the apathy of players in this sector and their total lack of imagination, we are sure to achieve a better and cheaper product.

Some tools will be needed:

We will detail the elements of the robot...

  1. A computer for a robot. Which model to use to start?
  2. Actuators. We have to make them ourselve so that they are better suited to specific functions related to the element of the robot.
  3. The hand. We'll see how the develop sensitivity and responsiveness.
  4. The leg. It will be not difficult to do something less ridiculous than that currently offer manufacturers.

And give ideas on how to make them work ...

  1. Essence of learning by a robot. Rather than using algorithms, it will be much easier to learn by hand.
  2. Tools and JavaScript frameworks. To control a robot remotely and give it human faculties.

Many other chapters to come. Needless to say, this is a long term project.