Mobile technology and programming

Some articles about mobile phones, smartphones and other mobile computers. A new domain for programmers and webmasters, and the main ones in the years to come.

How to design a website for mobile phones? According to the announcement by Google on the issue, there is no difference between a site made for desktop computers, mobile or both.
It is not necessary to have a particular extension (such as .mobi) or to put the pages in a special subdomain.
It is quite possible to make a site accessible to mobile devices with just a dedicated stylesheet with a display for screens of different sizes which is facilitated by a fluid layout, such as the theme for Wordpress Cryonie ou Encyclopedia (which may be used on a static site).
However if you want to add a sitemap specific to Googlebot-Mobile, it must contain only the pages displayed on mobile screens.


The new free operating system compared to Meego, Android, Windows 8.


Often considered the best mobile OS, it has had mixed fortunes before going into open source. It is available for download.


The system programmable in Java tends to become the most popular.

Applications for mobiles

They take advantage of the unique features of mobile and smartphones. They are connected to different types of devices to give them some intelligence.

History of the iPhone

Did Apple invented the touch screen mobile? It's not as undoubted as it claims ...

Apple's inspiration

How Apple is inspired by the design of products from other companies to design its own. They are "homages" says the firm.

What JavaScript framework for mobiles apps?

Based on HTML 5 and JavaScript, they interface with the mobile OS and try to provide an interface identical to that of native applications.

Native vs. HTML 5 vs. Titanium

What platform to choose for a mobile application? Point by point comparison of the three options.

Statistics about mobile phones

Systems and uses.

More infos and resources