The Web : Services and technologies

The Web is both a virtual and real space, a world in which we live through nicks and avatars and an interface with businesses and organizations in the real world.

The sites and key services they provide to webmasters.

Google sites.

Earth: travel in the World and the time.


Tools and services from Google.

Wolfram Alpha
A search engine that understands questions.

Anatomy of the Google search engine.

The future of search engines.
Vision of the main actors in the domain, and a personal conclusion: the combination of all their ideas.

DIKW and search engines.
To become Dr Know as in the A.I. movie, Google follows the DIKW pyramid that explains how data processing leads to wisdom.


Microsoft's engine vs. Google.

Key data of the Web.

Servers and datacenters.

How a big website works.
Comparing infrastructures of Tumblr, Google, Facebook, Dailymotion...

Ridiculous patents.
These patents and the war between firms about "intellectual property". A big threat to software authors.
Unified authentication service.

More infos: Sites of the web and history.