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Before the official announcement, editors are warned that after February 28, 2017, AOL will stop hosting the directory. It one time was the reference directory of Google, which sometimes used manual descriptions made by editors for its own snippets in results pages.
AOL has never known how to use this source of information and has never made any effort to develop it.
February 28, 2017.

The closure date was postponed to March 14.
March 1, 2017.

RethinkDB, after 7 years, it's over (almost)

In 2009, the project was presented to investors with these three main points: 1) To address a broad market but made for specific users. 2) Find the talents. 3) Read The Economist regularly.
It seems that this is not the recipe for success, in fact the company has never been profitable, unlike others like MongoDB (700 employees, worth more than a billion). It chose a market oversupplied, that of open source, and created a product for an audience that is not a buyer. The market of databases is very broad in fact but that of the buyers is less. Here is how the team analyzes its error:
The product was created to be reliable, to have a simplified interface, to be consistent in all its aspects. On the contrary, the public wants a product that is available immediately when it needs it, which shows its speed in testing, which offers the precise functions that it needs.
When the product began to meet all these objectives, MongoDB was already popular and there was no reason to choose a lesser known product.
The source code of the database will always be available for download on, but without the resources of a team to develop it. If we face bugs, we must pray for contributors to correct them, which is less effective than having a paid team to do so.
Ref: Why RethinkDB failed.
January 18, 2017.

Updated February 6, 2017: The assets of RethinkDB have been purchased for $ 25 K. and given to the Linux Foundation, and the licence unfettered from AGPL to Apache License 2.0! (Source.)
For those who would like to use it, as it has become more accessible, it is an alternative to MongoDB, a non-relational distributed database of documents, for real-time apps, very simple to use with good complementary tools.

Programming languages that become popular

This list is based on the TIOBE index, which is not necessarily perfectly representative of the reality but may serve to show the evolution in the popularity of languages ... In fact the index is based on searches done about the languages, and shows more interest in them than their use.

Langage 2016 2017
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
Visual Basic .NET
7 6
8 7
11 8
9 9
6 10
Delphi/Object Pascal
12 11
10 12
54 13
14 14
Visual Basic
13 15
19 16
26 17
18 18
15 19
20 20

The languages whose usage increase the most are Go and Dart. PHP is the one that loses most in popularity. Ruby is also less used, so it is clear that they tend to be replaced on servers by Go and Dart.
To be compared with the popularity in 2014.

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