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Contribute to a 3D project

If you have already made an innovative open source software and want to be helped in achieving an open source project for 3D, Google offers Tango, an initiative to save the environment in a database. With an Android mobile, everything around you is stored a program able to reconstruct a scene in 3D to allow the use of these data in an application.
For which application? This is where we ask for your contribution, you submit an idea, you have until March 14, 2014.

Why Red Hat supports it CentOS ?

The source code for Red Hat Linux distribution is required to be under the GPL license, because Linux is distributed under this license, those who take the code must do the same.
This allows CentOS to provide for free the Red Hat distribution to those who do not need the support offered by the firm with the red hat, and who can not or do not want to pay.
It often happen that users of CentOS are also those of Red Hat, it allows them to use it for free where additional OS support is not essential, like that is on an enterprise server basically.
When Red Hat announced the Voltron project, an improved CentOS distribution achieved with the help of Red Hat, arises the question. Why help whoever provides your product for free?
In fact, the Red Hat distribution itself is free, if you want to compile yourself the code. Only the package in binary form is chargeable. Red Hat is under threat from Oracle. Without much shame, the database maker itself distributes Red Hat in binary version and renamed it "Oracle Linux". With a support cost inferior to that of Red Hat, that makes it a serious contender (even if the support is also inferior since they do not know the code very much).
It is then that CentOS can become an ally. Moving from CentOS to Red Hat can be done instantly, but this is not the case if you want to switch to Oracle Linux. Red hats want to make it even harder. After making use of their source more difficult by incorporating all their own copyrighted patches, which hampers CentOS as Oracle, they want to give access to this patched source to CentOS to make the transition still easier to Red Hat. Mystery explained.
January 9, 2014.


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