Programming for the Web, mobiles and the desktop

From desktop programming to Web programming and mobile programming.
Languages, algorithms and Web technology, with best free development tools and frameworks.

Algorithms and algorithmics

Colorization algorithm,  the bridge

The interest of  algorithms is gaining in importance: optimizing the use of resources is more and more essential on new platforms, and applications are becoming more varied, see the amazing graphic algorithmes for example.
Source code of algorithms are available in Scriptol, PHP, C++, JavaScript, Java.


A history of languages that shows new features first appeared with each language, and thanks to a comparison table and cards on the most popular languages, the ability to compare them according to features, syntax, with lot of examples of code. A comparison of popular programming language and a description of each of them.

Go programming language

Examples of instructions or common algorithms in all languages...

Programming and data languages Asm.js - AspectJ - Basic - C - CIL - C++ - C# - Dart - Eiffel - Go - Java - JavaScript - JavaFX Script - Julia - Pascal - PHP - Python - QML - Rexx - Ruby - Rust - Scala - Scriptol - Swift - Tcl - TypeScript - HTML - Wasm - XML - XAML - XUL - SQL


Web applications and mobiles are becoming the main focus of software development today, as these areas tend to merge.
Technologies are being developed for these platforms:  frameworks, development tools, interfaces ...
Cards for the major terms with a description and links to tools or essentials articles.

Programming technologies and platforms Ajax - API - CLI - Cookie - Cover Flow - Dalvik - DFA - HTTP code - JavaFX - JNA - JSON - LLVM - Modern UI - MySQL - NaCl - .NET - NoSQL - Protocol Buffers - Qt - REST - Web 2.0 - WebGL - Webkit - WinRT - WYSIWYG

Evolution of programming

The language of scripts in HTML has become a universal programming language. It is interesting to follow the evolution of programmer tools in time ...